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The cycling journey across Canada begins May 29, 2017 when Kyle and his father, Steve, fly out to St. John’s, NL. The first pedal stroke on the 8,309km trek will occur June 1 and the last is scheduled to take place in the first week of August in Victoria, BC. There will be scheduled stops along the way at Treatment Centres.

Kyle will tell his story about how the fitness community enhances his recovery every day and will inspire others to get out and seize a healthy life living in recovery. Creating connections to gyms, studios, and the fitness community is essential to breaking down the barriers between fitness and recovery. Lastly, financial contributions to Treatment Centres will help to cover the costs of setting up fitness programs, purchasing memberships to local gyms and incorporating fitness into their programs.

who am i?

My name is Kyle, I’m a lover of fitness, Motivator at YYC Cycle, Co-Leader at November Project Calgary and avid cyclist – I love to ride my bike. I fuel my activities with root beer and ice cream, and I’ve just celebrated one year living sober. I want to share my journey in recovery, and my 8,300 Km cycling trek across the country with you.

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