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It’s always a good feeling to cross a time zone, it’s an even bigger feeling of accomplishment when you cross a provincial border. I was fortunate enough to do both of these in quick succession this week.

Thanks Ontario, It’s been a slice

Even greater than the feelings described above is being able to talk to someone who is doing something about the issues faced in addiction. Scott Oake of the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre, recognized by Canadians for being one of the faces of Hockey Night in Canada, is doing just that. He drove out to meet my Dad and I in Kenora and we talked about addiction, the legacy that his family wants to create in his son Bruce’s memory, and the Centre in Winnipeg that is based around Fresh Start’s model. I was very fortunate that he was curious about my ride, and we got to do a little video that you can watch here. You can also check the article in the Winnipeg Sun if you click this link.

Two quotes that stood out to me when talking to Scott and when reading the article in the Sun were “The community is telling us that it wants this facility,” and  “We’re hearing loud and clear that this needs to get done.” When looking back at the initial stages of my fundraising and now through countless generous donations, I too realize that my initiative has to get completed. I don’t feel like I ever want to quit, thats not what I’m saying here, but it makes me realize that this is bigger than myself and the extra motivation I feel when I see a donation come in or hear a story while I’m out on the road is that same sense of community urging me forward.

I’m hearing it loud and clear and I’m so grateful for all of the support.

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