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The last few days have been a total mixed bag.

I rode through downtown Toronto, along the shore of Lake Ontario and camped a stone’s throw from its bank. We saw Niagara Falls, stayed in the village of Chippawa – hometown of the great James Cameron. I rolled by the beautiful houses of Oakville, and even experienced some hail while in the saddle. I am reminded that this endeavour is not going to be easy every time the rainclouds roll in or the wind offers that familiar resistance. However I also have to say that the emotional lifts can come out of nowhere and seeing Lisa Simone down in Niagara Falls or someone special that I haven’t seen in a very long time in Toronto can make all the difference.

I had never seen Niagara Falls before and standing before it you realize how minuscule we are in the grand scheme of things. This cycling journey has become my whole world and to me it is everything right now. Those Falls put things in perspective and reminded me that there are greater powers at work in this world, and no matter how much I try to control it the best thing to do is go with the flow. I’m grateful that Lisa showed me around, and that we got to talk more about the partnership with Fresh Start.

I had a great visit at the Bellwood Treatment Centre where a large group met me with open arms and stories of their own physical journeys, accomplishments and struggles. We talked about how important an active lifestyle was and the things that come after this trip for me. That afternoon I was fortunate to get on air with Gill Deacon of CBC’s Here and Now program, and I’m extremely grateful that I was able to get some more coverage.

I also was able to see someone near and dear to my heart, that I haven’t seen in a long time. More on that some other time, but at the moment – it puts some more spring in my step. I think these things made Toronto very difficult to say goodbye to.

The long trek through Ontario’s daunting western mass has begun and I’m still eager to see what the rest of this wonderful country has in store for us. With Canada Day right around the corner I am feeling pretty blessed to have this opportunity.


Thank you all for following along.

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  • Mom

    We are honoured to be ‘virtually’ riding along with you Kyle. What beautiful pictures! Maybe photography is in your future 😉 May the winds be with you as you make your way across the rest of Ontario. i’m sure it is going to feel like forever before you make it to the next province – but challenges don’t seem to be deterring you one bit! Take care, ride safe, I can feel you getting closer to home all the time. Love you and am so proud of you. Mom xoxo

  • Pepere and Memere

    Great commentary Kyle, makes a body feel they are riding along with you, You are seeing so much country and seeing it as not many other people will see it. What memories you are creating and what stories you will have to tell us when we get together again. We are with you in spirit and send our love to you all the way.

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