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I’ve mentioned that part of my life in recovery is to live by a code. The code has an acronym, K.A.R.L.  It stands for kindness, authenticity, reliability, and love.

This trip has had almost too many instances of kindness to count. Here’s a quick recap of some:

The warmest of greetings and all the help provided by my mom’s cousin Erin O’Mara in St. John’s. We couldn’t have gotten off to a better start.

Pat Devine for the free night at her Island View Hospitality bed&breakfast in Clarenville after my first day of riding (200 km).

The free lunch and spontaneous donation “From the Girls @ White Bay Convenience, Hampton Junction. Your warmth made me forget the 4 degree rainy weather.

The amazing hospitality of Joanne and Louis, parents of my friend Nathalie in Calgary. From the free hotel nights Joanne arranged to the surprise lobster dinner, they made it hard to leave Dieppe. Thanks also to their friends Laura and Terry for the overnight stay and wonderful breakfast.

Brenda the hotel manager in Fredericton for the two free room nights and the recommendation to the Royal Barber Shop, which gave me a free haircut and tee shirt.

All the executive directors at the recovery centres which have let me share my story of the role of fitness in recovery. Your welcomes were generous and you’re doing work of great benefit to Canada, usually without fanfare.

Stephen McGill for all his help in Ottawa, and our friends the Sheridans for making their home our home. Also the
McFarlands for not minding me jumping in their pool in my riding gear to cool down after a scorcher of a day.

Lisa Simone and her husband Chris for their enthusiasm and hospitality in Niagara Falls, as well as Lisa’s help with media along the route.

Darcy Neher who generously offered up two of his Blue Jays tickets so that my Dad and I could catch a ball game while in Toronto. I’d never been to a Major League game before and the experience was a great one – despite the Blue Jays loss.

The bike shops along the way who have extended so many courtesies, including Mike’s Bike Shop in Dieppe, Gears in Mississauga and The Bike Shop Gravenhurst/Huntsville.

I am also blown away by the people who stop us on the side of the road. The listen to our story, offer words of encouragement, handy road knowledge and even donate. There are great people in this country, it makes me believe humanity is inherently good.

This isn’t a complete list, and I apologize if I’ve forgotten anyone. I strive to exude the type of kindness that you have all shown my Dad and I.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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  • Mom

    Thank you for these inspirational stories Kyle. If kindness is contagious, sharing your experiences has just multiplied that kindness many times over. I am so grateful to everyone who has supported you and buoyed you up over the miles bringing you home. Love Mom

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