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Sometimes irony has a way of cheering me up. The past few days have been hard fought, exhausting and down right aggravating at times and today was no different.

                              They have to catch me first!

After a close call yesterday – the under carriage door of a coach bus whizzing over my head like the wing of an airplane – I was ready to get back on the horse, as they say, and make today productive. It was cold, but we stopped after a few hundred metres so I could change into a long sleeve. That was dealt with, and now we were off. Then rain. After 30 kilometres it was time for another change. I was drenched and in need of a change and my rain jacket. We soldiered on towards lunch.

A welcome break in a small town with more greasy spoon diners per capita than anywhere else in Ontario, we grabbed a seat and a bite.

    Well earned, post ride root beer.

To our surprise it was sunny when we left the diner and I was eager to try to cruise through the final 70 kilometres of the day. My goal was to get it done in two hours or less. Then wind. The prevailing winds have taken their toll. I resent flags. They’re a constant reminder that I’m going the wrong way. Tall grass for that matter has found itself on my bad side. It too is constantly bending in my direction showing me the unrelenting ways of my unseen adversary.

The highlight of the riding was rolling up to a T-intersection at the Sault Ste. Marie city limit where the O.P.P. had a check stop set up (at 4:30 in the afternoon on a Sunday, it’s like they were expecting old Kyle). One of them looked me up and down and said with a grin “you’re good to go” and with a slight hesitation added “as long as you haven’t been drinking”.

I couldn’t help but laugh, politely say that I hadn’t been drinking, and carry on my way. In another life I would’ve been loaded on a Sunday afternoon. Hopping from patio to patio hoping to find some satisfaction in the bottom of a glass, probably lining up my next tattoo. Now here I am half way through my ride across the country and once again I can’t help but feel I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

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  • Mom

    Sounds like you need to watch out for more than bears! Low flying bus doors??? What??? The universe is watching out for you Kyle and keeping you safe. May the wind shift soon and you continue to find humour in the events along the way. xoxoxox.

  • Connie McFarland

    Such a great post Kyle…

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