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Friday nights I teach two spin classes.

I usually hop on the train, get to the studio far too early and the two classes go by without incident.

This week was different, I wouldn’t say there was an incident, but an eye opening moment occurred that compelled me to write this post.

Anonymity is important to anyone who struggles with addiction and so before I post this I will be sure to ask permission. I gave up anonymity in the hopes that my story and struggles would help others who walk a similar path. Reaching as many individuals as possible and creating the biggest impact was one of the goals of Changing Gears and now is my resolution for 2018.

After one of my classes a delightful young woman came up to me with tears in her eyes explaining that this year she had cleaned herself up after struggling with addiction. Without going into great detail she told me about the role my story played and that gratitude had made its way into her life. I will never forget her terminology – Gratitude Whore – that shit will stick with me for life. We shared a couple good strong hugs promised we would see each other around the studio and I went about the rest of my evening with an entirely new outlook.

I can’t begin to explain what this meant to me.

This experience has me reminiscing on the whirlwind that was these last seven months. Expressing my gratitude in a meaningful way to everyone that has helped me along this journey has been hard – to say the least – and I try to live every day in a way that would make you proud of the man you supported.

2018 will be about impact for me. How can I create meaningful impact and do so for the greatest number of people? How can I go about being as grateful as possible? Lastly ensuring that the support I receive is not wasted.

Thank you

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