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Pardon my sports tangent…

In the event of a Blue Jays rebuild and the speculation around a Josh Donaldson trade I am officially staking claim to the nickname “Bringer of Rain”. Some – but not all – of my readers are not baseball fans and therefore won’t know what any of this means.

Sitting here in Dryden after a day of storm chasing (three separate thunderstorms) I am convinced that when I clip into the pedals there is going to be rain. I don’t know if I just somehow happened to choose the rainiest summer in residents’ recent memory for this side of the country or if I have a storm cloud following me.

I know the latter is far from logical and I have actually enjoyed the rainy days now that the temperature has increased. The sweat rolls together with beads of rain and its almost soothing at times. But something has gotta give, I’m a sun baby at heart.

For now I hope to see Donaldson stay in a Blue Jays uniform, and will continue to pedal my way without the “Bringer of Rain” moniker, staying dry in my new rain jacket and when necessary my ultra high visibility vest.

Hopefully my luck with precipitation brings some relief to those in southern British Columbia when we roll through.

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